The Best way to improve IELTS listening score

The people who do well in the IELTS listening test are those who have a “good ear” for English. In other words, they are able to follow fast speech and distinguish individual words easily. How did they develop a good ear? They listened to a lot of English.

If you are trying to improve your listening score, Please stop searching for techniques! Spend your time listening to as much English as possible. Expose your ears to the language and they will gradually become better at hearing it.

Many people lose easy marks in the IELTS listening test because they make spelling mistakes. The good news is that making spelling mistakes is the first step to improving your spelling, as long as you notice those mistakes and learn from them.

So, every time you make a spelling mistake, write the mistake and the correction in a notebook or on a piece of paper that you can pin up on your wall. Then learn the correct spellings by heart! Learn more “How to avoid spelling mistakes in IELTS listening exam“.

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