Networking Networking as a concept has acquired what is in all truth an unjustified air of modernity. It is considered in the corporate world as an essential tool for the modern businessperson, as they trot round the globe drumming up business for themselves or a corporation. The concept is worn like a badge of distinction, … more →

A Silent Force A There is a legend that St Augustine in the fourth century AD was the first individual to be seen reading silently rather than aloud, or semi-aloud, as had been the practice hitherto. Reading has come a long way since Augustine’s day. There was a time when it was a menial job … more →

Flawed Beauty: The Problem With Toughened On 2nd August 199.9, a particularly hot day in the town of Cirencester in the UK, a large pane of toughened glass in the roof of a shopping center at Bishops Walk shattered without warning and fell from its frame. When fragments were analyzed by experts at the giant … more →

The Impact of Wilderness Tourism A The market for tourism in remote areas is booming as never before. Countries all across the world are actively promoting their ‘wilderness’ regions – such as mountains, Arctic lands, deserts, small islands and wetlands – to high-spending tourists. The attraction of these areas is obvious: by definition, wilderness tourism … more →

The Effects of Light on Plant and Animal Species Light is important to organisms for two different reasons. Firstly it is used as a cue for the timing of daily and seasonal rhythms in both plane and animals, and secondly it is used to assist growth in plants. Breeding in most organisms occurs during a … more →

Rising Sea Paragraph 1 – INCREASED TEMPERATURES The average air temperature at the surface of the earth has risen this century, as has the temperature of ocean surface waters. Because water expands as it heats, a warmer ocean means higher sea levels. We cannot say definitely that the temperature rises are due to the greenhouse … more →

Australia and the Great War 1914 – 1918 Australia’s role in the First World War, or the Great War as it was known until 1939, is central to the development of modern Australia’s vision of itself in the world. In many ways it has served to create what is in some ways a second founding … more →

Experience Versus Speed Certain mental functions slow down with age, but the brain compensates in ways that can keep seniors as sharp as youngsters. Jake, aged 16, has a terrific relationship with his grandmother Rita, who is 70. They live close by, and they even take a Spanish class together twice a week at a … more →

Robotic Approach To Crop Breeding Jennifer Manyweathers takes a look at a robot that is being used to identify drought-tolerant crop varieties A The Australian sunflower industry is the major source of polyunsaturated fatty acids found in margarine and spreads. Recognized as the type of fatty acid most able to protect against heart disease, it … more →

How Consumers Decide Professor John Maule from the University of Leeds describes new research into the way that consumers choose a product. Understanding consumers Consumers are creatures of habit: they buy the same products time and time again, and such is their familiarity with big brands, and the colors and logos that represent them, that … more →