On this page we’ve gathered essential IELTS speaking vocabulary for Technology topic. It can be used to answer various questions about technology on IELTS Speaking test and achieve a high IELTS score. computer age: the period in modern history characterized by rapid technology development and widespread computer use. Living in a computer age has many … more →

Before starting to practice answering various IELTS Speaking topics you should learn some topic vocabulary to know how to structure your answer. On this page you can find useful IELTS speaking vocabulary with sentence examples according to the Travel and Holidays topic. This vocabulary is very useful to answer questions about travel and holidays and … more →

The IELTS Speaking module tests your ability to communicate clearly and correctly in English. You are asked to talk with an examiner one-to-one test, totally 15-20 minutes. the speaking module usually follows the same three-part structure, though the topics vary from case to case. Speaking test basically requires candidate to express idea by month. It … more →