(178 Words, 12 Sentences, 7 Paragraphs, Band 9) Dear Carolyn, Thank you for agreeing to house-sit for me. If you need to contact me during my holiday, I’ll be staying at the Imperial Hotel in Bundaberg. If it’s urgent, however, please ring my mobile phone, which I’ll keep with me at all times. I’ve written … more →

The diagram below show how houses can be protected in areas which are prone to flooding. (183 Words, 10 Sentences, 4 Paragraphs, Band 9) The diagrams compare two different methods of defense for homes which are at risk of being flooded. The key difference between the diagrams is that they show flood protection with and … more →

Given the power and influence of the super rich, it might seem as if social status and material possessions are the new symbols of personal worth, but in everyday life I do not think this is true. (251 Words, 11 Sentences, 4 Paragraphs, Band 9) It is apparent that most celebrities today are admired or … more →