Describe one of your neighbors. You should say: When you two become neighbors? How often you meet him/ her? State whether your neighbor is a good person? and explain why you like/ dislike this neighbors. Follow-up questions What is the difference between neighbors and friends? How do you think of the relationship in the city? … more →

Describe an important letter that you received. You should say: Who wrote it to you? What the letter was about? How you felt about the letter? and explain why it was important to you. Follow-up questions What are the differences between emails and hand written letters? Will the hand-written letters become obsolete in the future? … more →

Describe a historical place that you know. You should say: What the place is? Where it is located? What is the historical significance of the place? and describe your experience of the place. Follow-up questions What do you think of the future trend of historic places? Will government strengthen its protection toward historic places? What … more →

Describe a gift you have received. You should say: What the gift was? Who gave it to you? When you received it? and explain why it was the best gift/ present you have ever received. Follow-up questions Do you think that present giving will play an important role in daily life? Why? Compare the gift … more →

Describe your study room. You should say: How it looks like? How much time you spend in this room? How an ideal study room should be? and give details of your study room. Follow-up questions How does a study room help a student? Do you like to study? What type of books do you read? … more →

Describe your childhood memories. You should say: What it is? When it happened? How it affected you in your life? and explain why you still remember it. Follow-up questions Why childhood is important? How did you spend your childhood? Who was your childhood hero? Did you want to be like him/ her? Possible answer 1 … more →

Describe an accident you saw. You should say: Where the accident occurred? Where you were then? How the accident affected you? And give detailed information about the accident. Follow-up questions What should be done to reduce the road accident? Who should be responsible for the accidents? What losses do you think occur when an accident … more →

Describe a website you often browse. You should say: What is it? How long have you been using it? Give details information about the website. And explain why you often browse this website? Follow-up questions How long have you been using the Internet? How the Internet has changed our lifestyle? What would be the possible … more →

Describe a magazine that you often read. You should say: What is it? What type of people read it? Is it popular in your country? And explain why it is important to you to read it? Possible answer the above speaking cue cards The magazine I often read is “Medical Technology”. People who are medical … more →