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IELTS Cue Cards – Favorite politician

Talk about your favorite politician.
You should say:

Who is he/ she?
What he/ she did that you can tell others?
Do you want to be like him/ her?

And explain why this person is your favorite politician.

Possible answer the above speaking cue cards

Usually, I don’t like the politicians in our country. If I have to pick one to talk about I would choose Baburam Bhattarai. From him, Nepalese people have much expectation for the nation’s development. I also have same optimistic thoughts about him. He came from a small village of Gorkha district and became prime minister of our country.

In today’s scenario of Nepalese politics he played a tremendous role to have an optimistic roadmap in front of the Nepalese nation. He is a visionary leader and a good politician. The contribution he has made towards making our country a developed one is something worth mentioning. I would very proudly tell others how he has sacrificed his time and efforts to do the betterment for our nations especially having a progress roadmap and many implementations of it.

I don’t like politics, at least the money making and power play politics that we have. I don’t have any desire to be a politician. I believe every citizen of a country has many things to contribute to the country and I want to do my best to help the country.

I admire Baburam Bhattarai for his vision and fair play. He is a rare politician in our country and we need more visionary and honest leader like him.

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