IELTS Cue Cards – Interesting phone conversation with someone

Describe an interesting phone conversation you had with someone.
You should say:

When you had this conversation?
Whom you talked to?
What it was about?

And explain why this conversation was interesting.

Possible answer the above speaking cue cards

I had a very interesting phone conversation recently and I would like to talk about it. It was Sunday and the clock was ticking at around 11.00 am. All of a sudden I got a phone call and I received it. It was very baffling initially as I was confused whether it was a recorded message or a real person was talking over the phone. I stopped the girl who was talking and asked her to talk very slowly. She was a marketing executing of some sort of electronic consumer selling office. She told her name Anne and I had real double whether that was her actual name or not!

She called me to talk about some promotional offers their company had announced. I told her that I was not interested but she was quite persistent not to let me drop the phone. I am quite acquainted with annoying marking and call centre phone calls and the type of scams they are after. I told that girl I would not be interested in buying anything and then she told me whether I would be interested in buying an electric shaver! That was quite a coincident because I was indeed in need of it. I was bit confused whether she had any sort of data about me or not. I asked her to contact me later but she started describing me the features of their electric shaver!

After few minutes I cut the conversation all of a sudden and she tried to reach me few more times but I did not pick up her call. So far that must have been a very typical phone conversation until I got a call from another number and she told me that she was one of my cousins who pretended to be a sales girl and talk to me a few minutes earlier. I was quite amazed by the type of fun this cousin did with me. I had not talked to her for many years and that’s why had not the slightest hint about her vocal.

We, later on, talked about our work, study and family and she asked me to visit her hometown someday. The conversation with this cousin (her name is Mirtha), especially when she pretended to be a sales girl was quite funny and interesting in my opinion.

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