IELTS Cue Cards – Television program

Describe a TV program which has made a strong impression on you.
You should say:

What kind of TV program it was, e.g. comedy, romantic?
When you saw the TV program?
What the TV program was about?

And explain why this TV program made such an impression on you.

Possible answer the above speaking cue cards:

My favorite television program is an old television series which was produced during the 80’s in America. The title of the film was MacGyver and it was an action TV series. MacGyver was produced for about 5 consecutive seasons, and it was considered as one of the top rated TV serials in its era.

RCTI was the local television station in Indonesia that broadcasted the programme. The TV series was usually played once a week for about one hour, and I remember that it was played on Friday Night at 7.00 pm. So as a teenager during that time, I would have sat in front of the television from 6.45 pm and waiting for the programme to start. On the next day, my friends and I would discuss about what happened in it, to talk about how cool and exciting the episode was and how smart and talented the MacGyver was. 

The unique thing about it is that the main character, Mac Gyver did not like to use gun as his weapon.  Instead of using riffles, he used his creativity in creating tools to fight his enemies. I remembered that in one of the episodes, where he was locked by his enemy in a garage. But then with his creative thinking, he found some tools that could be used to open the gate of the garage, and he could escape from his enemy.  I believe that we could learn some positive things from this series. We learned that we should avoid using guns, and we should also be encouraged to use our creativity. I believe that MacGyver had influenced so many teenagers during my era and I hoped that it could be remake in the future. (Written by – Darwin)

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