IELTS Listening Exercise 37 – Microplastics

Difficulty level: Semi Hard

Listen to the recording about microplastics and fill the gaps in the sentences below:


  • The first problem is that micro-plastics act like a ______, attracting other ______ in the water, such as pesticides and ______ retardants.
  • The second problem is that micro-plastics are complex polymers that the body cannot fully ______ down.
  • Scientists have shown that the smallest particles, nano-plastics, can ______ tissue membranes into fish cells. This could damage fish reproduction, ______ and survival skills.

Practice IELTS listening exercises more and more to improve your listening skills. On the real test, you will hear the recording only once and listening questions get increasingly difficult.

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Practising different types of listening questions separately will help you to develop yourself with specific techniques for that kind of questions in the IELTS listening test.

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