IELTS Listening Exercise 40 – Multiple Choice about Maps

Difficulty level: Semi Hard

Listen to the following recording which shows a university lecturer (Professor Karen Wigen from Stanford University) talking about a series of classes.

Multiple Choice about Maps

Now try answering A, B or C for the questions below:

1. What subject does Professor Wigen usually teach?

A) Geography
B) Japanese history
C) Mapmaking

2. What will be covered in this particular class?

A) The history and variety of maps
B) A focus on the most unusual maps
C) The career of famous map-makers

3. Who will teach the course?

A) The lecturer alone
B) The lecturer and artists on the web
C) The lecturer and perhaps some other speakers

4. What does the final assignment involve?

A) Creating a series of questions about a selection of maps
B) Working with other students to collect interesting maps
C) Analysing maps that the lecturer has chosen

Practice IELTS listening exercises more and more to improve your listening skills. On the real test, you will hear the recording only once and listening questions get increasingly difficult.

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Practising different types of listening questions separately will help you to develop yourself with specific techniques for that kind of questions in the IELTS listening test.

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