IELTS Listening Exercise 45 – Online Translation Tools

Difficulty level: Semi Hard

Listen to the following recording, and fill the gaps in the summary below it:

Online Translation Tools

Online translation tools seem to be an ______ ______ to human translators. However, there are many instances of these tools causing unintended ______ and disasters. Currently, translation technology is not sophisticated enough to cope with the grammatical subtleties of complex technical, legal or ______ documents. Machine translation tools may work for tasks like translating ______ between friends, but when money or reputations are at ______, it is safer to rely on professional human translators.

The ideas in the recording might also help you with the IELTS writing task 2 question:

Because computers can translate all languages very quickly and accurately, learning a foreign language is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Here’s a “simple but good” introduction:

It is true that computer programs are now able to carry out language translation tasks far more quickly than any human can. However, I completely disagree with the idea that this development makes learning foreign languages unnecessary. Now your turn. Try to write…

Practice IELTS listening exercises more and more to improve your listening skills. On the real test, you will hear the recording only once and listening questions get increasingly difficult.

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Practising different types of listening questions separately will help you to develop yourself with specific techniques for that kind of questions in the IELTS listening test.

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