IELTS Listening Exercise 49 – Right and Left Handedness

Difficulty level: Semi Hard

Listen to the following recording about right and left-handedness.

Right and Left Handedness

What is the probability of right-handed parents having a left-handed child?

A) more than 10%.
B) about 2%.
C) about 17%.

What comparison is made between males and females?

A) 50% of left-handed people are male.
B) Males are less likely to be left-handed.
C) Males are twice as likely to be left-handed.

A child’s handedness can be determined for certain

A) when the child reaches two years of age.
B) when the child is six months old.
C) according to which hand the child reaches with in the first year of life.

IELTS Reading Practice Test – Right and left handedness in humans

Practice IELTS listening exercises more and more to improve your listening skills. On the real test, you will hear the recording only once and listening questions get increasingly difficult.

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Practising different types of listening questions separately will help you to develop yourself with specific techniques for that kind of questions in the IELTS listening test.

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