IELTS Listening Test 15 – Section 4

This is the last section of IELTS Listening practice test 15. Listen to the audio script carefully and answer the questions. After you finish, check your answers.


Questions 31-40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

The Gherkin Building

Commissioned by: 31. firm called Foster and Partners.

The features of its appearance:

  • Its shape is like a 32. .
  • It can reduce the carbon 33. of the city.
  • It lets 34. pass through the building, both reducing heating costs and brightening up the workspace.
  • One false story claimed that the exterior of the building is partly made of 35. .

Architectural concept:

  • links 36. with the workplace.
  • relies less on 37. for temperature control than other similar buildings.

The features of its interior:

  • The atria that let fresh air pass through the interior are know as 38. .
  • There is a place for entertainment called the 39. at the top of the building.

The future of urban planning and architecture:

  • It is likely that the entire 40. will be designed with more similarly Eco-friendly buildings in future.
  • A new building will be constructed aiming to produce zero waste and remove carbon dioxide from us as much as possible.

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