IELTS Listening Test 17 – Section 3


Questions 2125

What is the main opinion of each of the following people?

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, AG, next to questions 21-25.


A lightning restrictions

B alternative lighting

C reduce the number of insects

D decline in the number of species

E climate changes

F impacts on the growth of animals

G impacts on water quality

21. Ken Simpson

22. Dave Kepler

23. Sharon Grey

24. Maria Jackson

25. Barbara Swallow

Questions 26 and 27

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

26. What does Jim think about the difference among species in natural and artificial light?

  1. It makes no difference.
  2. Species will die out in natural light.
  3. Species will die out in artificial light.

27. One reason why Jim and Jane felt unsatisfied about the theories discussed in the lecture was that

  1. governments didn’t increase any spending on them.
  2. most theories had nothing to do with the exam.
  3. many theories lack solid proof in the field.

Questions 28-30

Choose THREE letters, AG.

Which THREE topics are they interested in studying in the future?

A quality of life tourism

В wildlife park animals

С migration birds

D animals living in rural areas

E animals living in tropical climate

F the impact of different environment on animals

G pandas in the zoo

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