IELTS Listening Test 2 – Section 2


11 The company expanded in

A 2000
B 2007
C 2014

12 The number of permanent staff is

A 75
B 90
C 150

13 Most volunteers join the program

A in Winter
B in July
when it is best for them

14 Time Abroad receives all its income from

A partner organizations
B volunteers
C the government

Volunteering Opportunity Activity Benefits
English Teaching Helping with English(15) Significantly improve the (16) of many children and adults
Agriculture and Farming Promoting sustainable and (17) farming – Promote (18) farming methods – educate local communities
Veterinary Medicine – Helping the vet with (19) – Joining the vet on home visits – Amazing insights into the country – See a lot of fascinating animals – Gain a greater ((20) of the difficulties in the country

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