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IELTS Listening Test 2 – Section 3


You will hear a woman asking a tutor for more information about a Media Studies course at a university.

Questions 21 – 23
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.
21 How long did Louise work at a radio station?

A 2 years
B 4 years
C 6 years

22 Why does Louise want to do a Masters?

A To get a promotion in her current job
B To go into TV
C Employers like post-graduate qualifications

23 How long will it take to do the Masters part-time rather than the modular route?

A 18 months
B 3 years
C 4 years

Questions 24 and 25
Choose TWO letters A-F.
Which two things must Louise have to join the course?

A A bachelor’s degree
B Work experience
C Either a bachelor’s degree or work experience
D Research experience
E A completed thesis
F Motivation

Questions 26-30

Fees and Funding

The fees are (26) per year to do the course part-time. The university has a (27) it can use to fund the most suitable students. You must have a (28) in place before you can get any funding. The details on funding can be found on the (29). That will also have information on eligibility, help available, and (30).

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