IELTS Listening Test 4 – Section 3


Questions 21-23
Choose THREE letters, A-F. Which THREE things are the students required to
submit to their professor?

A a written summary
В maps
С a case study
D charts and graphs
E a list of resources used
F a video

Questions 24 and 25
Answer the questions by completing the gaps below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

24. What two sources of information will the students use when preparing their presentation?


25. What will the students show during their presentation?

Questions 26-30
Choose the correct letter,
A, B, or C to complete the speakers’ advice.

26. Only rescue birds that are

  1. all alone.
  2. obviously hurt.
  3. sitting on the ground.

27. Protect yourself by wearing

  1. gloves.
  2. a hat.
  3. protective glasses.

28. Put the bird in a

  1. cage.
  2. box.
  3. bag.

29. Keep the bird calm by

  1. petting it.
  2. talking to it.
  3. leaving it alone.

30. When transporting the bird,

  1. speak quietly.
  2. play music.
  3. drive very slowly.

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