IELTS Listening Test 7 – Section 4


Questions 31-35
Complete the chart with information about the black bear.
Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Range Lives in (31) of North America
Diet Ninety percent of diet consists of (32) . Also eats (33) .
Cubs Baby bear cubs are born in(34) .
Life span Black bears live for about(35) in the wild.

Questions 36-40
Which characteristics fit black bears and which fit grizzly bears?
Write A if it is a characteristic оf black bears. Write В if it is a characteristic of
grizzly bears.

(36) Has a patch of light fur on its chest
(37) Weighs 225 kilos
(38) Has a shoulder hump
(39) Has pointed ears 
(40) Has shorter claws

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