Reading Exercise – Succeeding in the title role

Succeeding In The Title Role

Magazine circulations are in the millions and advertising revenue is rising despite the growth of TV and electronic media, reports David Short

Print is not dead yet – at least not when it comes to magazines. Despite ever-growing competition from television and electronic media, a new report shows that worldwide advertising expenditure in consumer magazines has doubled over the past decade.

The report also shows that many magazines in Europe continue to enjoy circulations in the millions, despite the ever growing number of television channels, whether cable, satellite, terrestrial, analogue, or digital, and the incursion of the Internet. And new French research has revealed that magazines are still powerful tools for owners of brands.

Advertising expenditure worldwide was $225 billion last year, according to the report World Magazine Trends. $32 billion of this, or 14%, was taken by magazines. In Europe, the share of consumer magazine advertising expenditure was $12 billion or 21% of an estimated overall spend of $57 billion. But the share has dropped in the past 15 years from 30 per cent, with decline having been particularly severe in Belgium and Germany where commercial television was introduced relatively late.

However, the types of magazines which Europeans choose to flip through still varies dramatically according to country, with few signs that the European magazine with a common title is making inroads across nations. Interests which can create top-selling titles in one country are nowhere to be seen in the circulation lists of others.

But whatever their relative importance across Europe, magazines have one real advantage over broadcast media. For advertisers such as tobacco and alcohol producers, which are barred or severely restricted on television in some countries, magazines remain a safe haven for their messages.

Questions 1-7:
The reading passage on the following pages has five paragraphs (A-E). Choose the most suitable heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below. Write the appropriate numbers (i-x) in boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet. There are more headings than paragraphs so you will not use all of them.

You may use any heading more than once.

List of Headings
i) Benefiting from an earlier model
ii) Important operative conditions
iii) Examining the public confusion
iv) Where to go from here?
v) How it’s all linked up
vi) Finding a suitable location
vii) Comparing wind speeds in Australian cities
viii) Matching operational requirements with considerations of appearance
ix) What makes Esperance different?
x) What is a wind farm?

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  • The passage given above “Succeeding in the Title Role” has a major flaw. The instructions categorically mentions that there are 8 paragraphs (A to H). However I can also see 5 paragraphs.

    Also, the list of headings, don’t match the paragraphs above. Please cross check and rectify the needful.

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂


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