IELTS Vocabulary List – 4 for Writing task 2

IELTS vocabulary presenting an argument

Read the text below, in which somebody is trying to decide whether to go straight to university from school, or spend a year traveling around the world. Put their argument into the correct order, using the keywords and expressions in italics to help you. The first one and last one have been done for you.

  1. I’m ready in two minds about what to do when I leave school. Should I go straight to university or should I spend a year traveling around the world?
  2. It is often said that knowledge is the key to power, and I cannot disagree with this.
  3. On the one hand, I would experience lots of different cultures.
  4. Unfortunately, another point is that if I spent a year traveling I would need a lot of money.
  5. And I’m not alone in this opinion. Many consider a sound career and a good salary to be an important goal.
  6. However, it could be argued that I would also meet lots of interesting people while I was traveling.
  7. Secondly, if I go straight to university, I’ll learn so many things that will help me in my future life.
  8. First of all, there are so many benefits of going straight to university.
  9. But I believe that it would be easy to make a bit while I was traveling, giving English lessons or working in hotels and shops.
  10. Moreover, I’ll be able to take part in the social activities that the university offers, and meet lots of new friends who share the same interests.
  11. The most important point is that the sooner I get my qualifications, the quicker I’ll get a job and start earning.
  12. Nevertheless, these inconveniences would be an inevitable part of traveling and would be greatly outweighed by the other advantages.
  13. In my opinion, starting work and making money is one of the most important things in life.
  14. On the other hand, I could end up suffering from culture shock, homesickness and some strange tropical diseases.
  15. Furthermore, if I spent a year traveling, I would learn more about the world.
  16. All right, I’ve made my mind up. Now, where’s my nearest travel agency?

When you are asked to present an argument, you should always look at it from two sides, giving reasons why you agree and disagree before reaching a conclusion. Other words and expressions which you might find useful include:
I believe that/ despite this/ in spite of this/ also/ thirdly/I think/ finally/ in conclusion/ nonetheless/ admittedly/ on the contrary/ at any rate/ notwithstanding/ for all that/ even if.

IELTS vocabulary to show relations

across, across from, where, in which, to which, from which, under, over , inside, on top of, along, through, as far as, northern, southern, eastern, western, to the left/ on the left hand side, to the right/ on the right hand side, to the south, in back, behind the, in front, in front of the …, in the middle, adjacent, midpoint halfway, interior, diagonal, edge limit, parallel, parallel to, perpendicular to, opposite, overlapping, exterior, intersection, rectangle, square, circle, vertical, horizontal.

IELTS vocabulary for classification

aspect, attributes, bases, basic kinds of, categories, characteristics, classes, classifications, classify, contradictory, contrasting, dissimilar, distinguishable, divide, divided into, factors, falls into, fundamental, important, insignificant, kinds of, main kinds of, methods, minor, mutually exclusive, opposing, opposite, origins, parts, primary, secondary, qualities, significant, similar, sources, types of, unimportant.

IELTS vocabulary for definition

Aspect, Category, characteristics, clarify, class, condition, define, definition, explain, explanation, form, in other words, kind, method, paraphrase, type.

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