IELTS Vocabulary List – Q

Be careful aiming for lots of new words. It is usually better to review the words you already know and make sure you use them correctly. You should aim for accuracy when you use language, rather than aiming to impress. Each word you use incorrectly will lower your IELTS score, so limit yourself and do not try to learn it all. Be strategic in how you approach IELTS. Build on your strengths and be careful of the areas where you struggle.

Actually to increase your knowledge of a language takes time – there is no quick fix. To enlarge your English, you can read Al Jazeera news, BBC news, online magazines etc. See the useful pages of this website

  1. quackery n. Charlatanry.
  2. quadrate v. To divide into quarters.
  3. quadruple v. To multiply by four.
  4. qualification n. A requisite for an employment, position, right, or privilege.
  5. qualify v. To endow or furnish with requisite ability, character, knowledge, skill, or possessions.
  6. qualm n. A fit of nausea.
  7. quandary n. A puzzling predicament.
  8. quantity n. Magnitude.
  9. quarantine n. The enforced isolation of any person or place infected with contagious disease.
  10. quarrelsome adj. Irascible.
  11. quarter n. One of four equal parts into which anything is or may be divided.
  12. quarterly adj. Occurring or made at intervals of three months.
  13. quartet n. A composition for four voices or four instruments.
  14. quarto n. An eight-page newspaper of any size.
  15. quay n. A wharf or artificial landing-place on the shore of a harbor or projecting into it.
  16. querulous adj. Habitually complaining.
  17. query v. To make inquiry.
  18. queue n. A file of persons waiting in order of their arrival, as for admittance.
  19. quibble n. An utterly trivial distinction or objection.
  20. quiescence n. Quiet.
  21. quiescent adj. Being in a state of repose or inaction.
  22. quiet adj. Making no noise.
  23. quietus n. A silencing, suppressing, or ending.
  24. quintessence n. The most essential part of anything.
  25. quintet n. Musical composition arranged for five voices or instruments.
  26. quite adv. Fully.
  27. Quixotic adj. Chivalrous or romantic to a ridiculous or extravagant degree.

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