IELTS Writing Task 2 – Kinds of Transportation

You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Tell which method of travel you would choose. Give specific reasons for your choice.

(372 Words, 27 Sentences, 5 Paragraphs, Band 9)

If I had to travel 40 miles away from my home I would be considering the following means of transportations: a car, bicycle and bus. Every of this methods of transportation has advantages as well as disadvantages. In this essay I will analyze all of them and present my view in favor of traveling by a car.

Traveling by bus brings many benefits. First of all, one does not have to drive. So, I can just relax and enjoy the view from my window. Second of all, it is cheaper. I will not have to buy gasoline or pay for the car insurance. However, traveling by bus has a few disadvantages as well. For example, I will have to follow the bus schedule. Another important aspect, I will not be able to arrange the speed or make a stop when I need to.

From the other hand, traveling by bicycle is a great exercise. Secondly, it is pollution free. However, It can take too much time and at the end of my trip I will be tired and exhausted. In addition, I will most likely need a shower and some rest.

In contrast, traveling by car brings many advantages. First of all, I can arrange my speed as I want to. If I am in a hurry I will speed up a little. Otherwise, if I am not in a hurry, I can make some stops and enjoy the surroundings or have a lunch in the nearest bar. Second of all, I do not depend on a schedule like with traveling by bus. So, I can start my trip when and where I want to. In addition to those practical benefits, traveling by car is the fastest way. Another important aspect of this if I am traveling with my friends, we can talk, listen to the radio we like and discuss everything we want. A car can give us privacy. Of cause, I will have to pay for gasoline and traveling by car is not as save as traveling by bicycle or bus but I think it can not change my mind.

To sum up, I think that I would choose to travel by car. It is more convenient and offers a great amount of advantages.

(NB: Follow the above writing structure for getting higher IELTS band score in the examination. This sample answer can be an example of good writing out of many possible approaches.)

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