IELTS score is a distinct website intending to assist IELTS candidates to assess, prepare and practice for taking better IELTS exam preparation by using our free IELTS sample tests and materials. We provide requisite assistance to those who for one reason or another can not pass in the IELTS exam or get the necessary points recommended by universities, institutions or the embassy.

Last year, more than 3 million tests were conducted. IELTS, adopted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, IELTS score can be your key to achieving your academic and professional goals.

The whole idea of this website was to share knowledge and experience of IELTS so that you can achieve your dream IELTS score. You are not alone, thousands of other candidates are there to help you. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. If you are willing to take better IELTS preparation from home of your own and want to maximize your IELTS score, then, you are welcome! you came to the right place. You are advised to learn more about IELTS.

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