IELTS Academic Reading Practice 1

IELTS Reading Study Technique

You can use this study technique for reading practice. This technique is particularly useful for IELTS reading test and IELTS reading exercise:

  1. Choose one section from reading practice test below.
  2. Get the correct answers from the below of each reading practice test.
  3. Read the passage with the aim of understanding why each answer is correct. Read more than once if necessary.
  4. Try to complete 40 questions within one hour.
  5. Write the key vocabulary in a table or in your notebook.
  6. How many questions did you get right in Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3? Input your total number into the IELTS calculator and see your reading band scores.

IELTS Reading Time Management

In IELTS reading test, there is advice given about spending 20 minutes on each section (as written in the practice tests). However, Section 3 is more difficult than the other two, so you may want to save time in the first two Sections to add to the last one. Also, checking time is extremely important. A better way to divide your time is:

Section 1:
Section 2:
Section 3:
Transferring and Checking:
15 minutes
16 minutes
25 minutes
04 minutes
60 minutes

IELTS Reading Test – Academic