New Book Releases A This book describes the creativity of Aboriginal people living in the driest parts of Australia. Stunning reproductions of paintings, beautiful photography and informative text. B Pocket-sized maps and illustrations with detailed information on the nesting sites and migration patterns of Australia. This is a classic booklet suitable for both beginner and … more →

Read the following general reading passage and then answer the questions below (28- 40). The Shock of the Truth A Throughout history, there have been instances in which people have been unwilling to accept new theories, despite startling evidence. This was certainly the case when Copernicus published his theory – that the earth was not … more →

Questions 27- 40 Read the passage below and answer the questions from 27-40. Question 27 From the list below choose the most suitable title for the whole of the reading passage. Write the appropriate letter A-D in box 27 on your answer sheet. A Pollution control in coal mining B The greenhouse effect C The … more →

Questions 1-5 Look at the information on the following reading passage about the use of vehicles in the University grounds. In boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet write TRUE   if the statement is true FALSE   if the statement is false NOT GIVEN   if the information is not given in the passage Example        … more →

Questions 6-13 Look at the patient information leaflet on the following reading page. Match each of the following sentences with TWO possible endings A-M from the box below. Write the appropriate letters A-M in boxes 6-13 on your answer sheet. Example                                                                                  Answer Borodine … more →

Questions 14-20 Read the passage about personal computers below and look at the statements below Questions 14-20 In boxes 14-20 on your answer sheet write TRUE if the statement is true FALSE if the statement is false NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage 14  There are two computers and two … more →

Questions 21-26 The text on Atlas English Language College on the following reading page has seven paragraphs (A-G). Choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B-G from the list of headings below. Write the appropriate numbers (i-ix) in boxes 21-26 on your answer sheet. NB There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not … more →

Classic Tours (Coach Break Information) Luggage We ask you to keep luggage down to one medium-sized suitcase per person, but a small holdall can also be taken on board the coach. Seat Allocation Requests for particular seats can be made on most coach breaks when booking, but since allocations are made on a first come … more →

Questions 22-29: Read the article on International Students House and look at the statements below. In boxes 22-29 on your answer sheet write: T    if the statement is true F     if the statement is false NG  if the information is not given in the passage The first one has been done for you as an … more →

The Totara Language Institute New Zealand Study English in a national university with students from many countries. 4-week blocks 5 hours’ tuition each day Examination preparation University entry (with appropriate academic and English requirements) Choice of accommodation for all students – home-stays with local families or in Halls of Residence with New Zealand students. The … more →