Student Loans The Government has been funding a loans scheme for students in Higher Education since September 1990. These loans are available as a ‘top up’ to the standard grant. Although the loan is intended to supplement the grant for living costs, eligibility for a student loan is not restricted to those who receive a … more →

Read the following general reading passage below and answer all the Questions:15-20. Advice for Employees Safe computer use Most people suffer no ill-effects from using VDUs (Visual Display Units) as they don’t give out harmful levels of radiation and rarely cause any kind of skin complaint. If you do suffer ill-effects, it may be because … more →

You are advised to spend 20 minutes on Questions 15-29. Questions 15-21: Look at the general reading passage Clubs for Students. Which club would you contact for each of the requirements below? Write the appropriate letter  A-G  in boxes 15-21  on your answer sheet. You may use each letter more than once. The first one … more →

Going Digital [ Electronic libraries will make today’s Internet pale by comparison. But building them will not be easy. ] All over the world, libraries have begun the Herculean task of making faithful digital copies of the books, images and recordings that preserve the intellectual effort of humankind. For armchair scholars, the work promises to … more →

Succeeding In The Title Role Magazine circulations are in the millions and advertising revenue is rising despite the growth of TV and electronic media, reports David Short A. Print is not dead yet – at least not when it comes to magazines. Despite ever-growing competition from television and electronic media, a new report shows that … more →

Mail Order Brochure Want some great clothing ideas for your family? Our key for clothing specials in July: M for men          W for women          C for children For under $10      Cotton socks C          – made of pure cotton for long wearing Woolen socks C        – to keep … more →

What is Music? A. Music has probably existed for as long as man has been human, and it certainly predates civilization by tens of millennia. Yet even today there is no clear definition of exactly what music is. For example, birdsong is certainly melodic, but it is not tuneful, and it is not created with … more →

Antarctic Penguins Though penguins are assumed to be native to the South Pole, only four of the seventeen species have evolved the survival adaptations necessary to live and breed in the Antarctic year round. The physical features of the Adelie, Chinstrap, Gentoo, and Emperor penguins equip them to withstand the harshest living conditions in the … more →

An Era of Abundance Our knowledge of the complex pathways underlying digestive processes is rapidly expanding, although there is still a great deal we do not fully understand. On the one hand, digestion, like any other major human biological system, is astonishing in its intricacy and cleverness. Our bodies manage to extract the complex resources … more →

Wind Power The power of the wind has been used for centuries to directly drive various machines to perform such tasks as grinding wheat or pumping water. Recently, however, the wind has joined other natural forces such as water and steam as a viable method of generating electricity. Traditional means of electricity generation using coal … more →