IELTS Speaking Vocabulary – Health

On this page we’ve gathered useful IELTS speaking vocabulary for Health topic. It can help you to answer various questions about health on IELTS Speaking test and will help you achieve a high IELTS score.

Advanced vocabulary

  • addict: a person, who is obsessed (addicted) by (to) something, drugs or alcohol, for example.

    My friend used to be an addict, but thankfully he’s healthy now.

  • a check-up: an examination done by a doctor.

    I felt ill for a few days, so I went for a check-up.

  • a runny nose: a nose that has liquid coming out of it.

    I caught a cold so now I have a runny nose.

  • chronic disease: a type of disease that continues to occur for a long time.

    My friend Rob needs to use inhaler every day, because he has chronic asthma.

  • impediment: a physical defect that hinders normal or easy speech.

    After an accident, Jim developed an impediment – he stutters.

  • epidemic: when disease spreads very quickly and effects a large number of people.

    There was a large epidemic in South Africa in 20th century. It took away millions of lives.

  • painkillers: medicine for dealing with pain.

    I had to take the painkillers last night, because I couldn’t handle the pain.

  • rehab: a course of treatment for drug or alcohol or any other dependence.

    After talking to a doctor, Jim decided to go to a rehab.

  • to diagnose: to recognize an illness by examining the patient.

    Although Nick had a very rare disease, his doctor managed to diagnose it correctly.

  • to stutter: to talk with a continued accidental repetition of sounds.

    Sometimes you might develop a stutter if you have been scared by someone or something

Useful idioms

  • alive and kicking: to continue being well and healthy.

    My grandma is almost 90 but she’s still alive and kicking.

  • to break a habit: to stop doing something that is a habit, especially something bad or harmful.

    I was a drug addict, but a managed to break this habit.

  • to black out: to lose consciousness.

    I blacked out before my final exam, because I was too worried about it.

  • to be under the weather: to feel ill.

    Mary won’t be at work today’s, she’s a bit under the weather.

  • to phone in sick: to call your superior to inform him/her that you are sick and won’t be at work for some time.

    I had to phone in sick last week, because I caught a flu.

  • sick as a dog = to be at death’s door: very sick.

    Paul caught a flu a few days ago and now he’s sick as a dog.

  • white as a sheet: can be sad about a very pale person.

    Jonh looks sick. Look at him! He’s white as a sheet.

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