IELTS Writing Task 2 – Permissive parenting

Some parents buy their children whatever they ask for, and allow their children to do whatever they want. Is this a good way to raise children? What consequences could this style of parenting have for children as they get older?

(275 Words, 14 Sentences, 4 Paragraphs, Band 9)

It is true that some parents are overly permissive and tend to spoil their children. In my opinion, this is not a good parenting style, and it can have a range of negative long-term consequences.

If parents want to raise respectful and well-behaved children, I believe that a certain amount of discipline is necessary. Having worked with children myself, I have learnt that clear expectations and boundaries are necessary, and it is important to be able to say ‘no’ to children when they misbehave or try to push against these boundaries. This is the only way to help young people to regulate their desires and develop self-control. In my view, parents who do the opposite and constantly give in to their children’s demands, are actually doing more harm than good. They are failing their children rather than being kind to them.

The children of indulgent or lenient parents are likely to grow up with several negative personality traits. The first and most obvious danger is that these children will become self-centered adults who show little consideration for the feelings or needs of others. One consequence of such an attitude could be that these adults are unable to work successfully in teams with other colleagues. A second negative trait in such people could be impulsiveness. A person who has never lived with any boundaries is likely to lack the patience to carefully consider options before making decisions. This may lead, for example, to compulsive shopping, unwise financial decisions, or even criminal activity.

In conclusion, parents should help their children to develop self-control and respect for others, and I do not believe that the permissive parenting style supports this objective.

(NB: Follow the above band 9 writing structure for getting higher band score in the IELTS Exam.)

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