IELTS Cue Cards – A teacher whom you remember

Describe a teacher from your past who you remember.
You should say:

What class the teacher taught you?
What subject did he teach?
How old were you and why do you remember him/ her?
What are special characteristics of the teacher?

And explain why do you like him.

Possible answer the above speaking cue cards

Throughout my academic life, I found and came in to contact with several teachers whom I’ll never forget mostly because of their personality and quality teaching. Such a teacher who I remember clearly was Mr. Aurther who taught us History at our 8th grade. I was then about 13-14 years old and was in class Eight. He had an admiring personality and a different way of teaching. He was very punctual and honest and inspired us to be so. He never pressurized us on studying and always told us stories on different historical events. In his classes we never felt bored. He had a gift of making the lessons interesting and attracting students to his stories. Much of the history I now know is because of him.

My major was Science and I have not studied history that much but whatever interest I grew on history was mostly his contribution. I can still recall the stories I heard from him. He never misbehaved with any of his students and all of his students admired him very much. I learned later on that he was an honest and benevolent man in his personal life. I still remember him because he was a good man, a wise mentor and a nice person who taught us things that we still remember.

How to answer this cue card topic?

Mention that the teacher was very influential and you consider him/ her to be one of the greatest teachers you have ever got. Start by saying the teacher’s name and the class and subject s/he taught. Mention your age at the time when s/he taught you and give details of his/her personality, way of teaching and other details. Not necessarily the teacher has to be an academic teacher; s/he can be a private tutor as well for this cue card.

Two important aspects you must cleverly cover in this cue card: describing the attractive characteristics and good qualities of this teacher and then your reason for remembering his/her. Since the cue card asks you to describe a teacher from your past, so not talk about a teacher who still teaches you in any way.

Following are some of the tips to help you generate some points to talk about the good qualities the teacher had and the reason why you still remember it. Add your own idea and points with the clues provided below:


  1. S/he was a good teacher who always inspired the students to study attentively.
  2. S/he had a moral and amiable character and because of that most of the teachers and students liked him/her.
  3. The way s/he taught us was really great as it was interesting and s/he had a way of explaining the subject matter very attractively.
  4. S/he has a natural talent of telling story and then relating the story to the topic s/he taught.
  5. S/he was punctual and always inspired us to value the time.
  6. S/he helped the students in need and I have never found him/her turning down someone who sought help from him/her.

Why I remember him/ her?

There are several reasons I still remember him/her and the main reason among those is his/her amiable personality. I have never found him/her lost his/her temper no matter what. S/he was a good person by heart and took his/ her teaching profession very professionally. S/he always listened to us attentively even and then gave his/ her opinion. I have never found him/her in angry mode and I was very much amazed with the fatherly/ motherly behaviors s/he had.

Apart from the good personality, s/he was a good teacher who knew how to explain a topic. His/her way of teaching was very interesting and I never felt bored in his/her classes. I can still recall the stories s/he told and then related those stories to the main study topics. In my opinion s/he was on the best teacher in my life and I am very much curious to learn more about him/her and would like to meet him/her to know about the things s/he is doing now.

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