IELTS Listening Test 6 – Section 2


Questions 11 and 12
Complete the information below. Write ONE NUMBER for each answer.

City Tours

Fare Information
Adult All-Day Pass: (11) $
Children ages 5-12 All-Day Pass: (12) $

Children under age 5: Free

Questions 13-15

Label the map below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for eachanswer.
5th stop: (15)
4th stop: Shopping District
IELTS Listening Test 6 - Section 2 Danny's
Starting point: Tour Bus office
IELTS Listening Test 6 - Section 2 Tour Bus
1st stop: (13)
2nd stop:
Fishing Docks
IELTS Listening Test 6 - Section 2 Fishing
3rd stop:

Questions 1620
Complete the sentences below.
Complete the chart below. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each

Place Activity
First stop Enjoy the (16) of the bay
Second stop Look at the (17)
Third stop (18) fish
Fourth stop Purchase (19)
Fifth stop Visit the (20)

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