IELTS Listening Test 11 – Section 2


Questions 11-20
You will hear a talk by a tour guide about travel to Enzia.

Complete the notes by filling in the blanks with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR NUMBER for each answer.



Now Eznina visas are needed by almost all nationalities.
Normal visas last 11.
You need to pay 12. for the visa.
Price may change from time to time. Some Enzian consulates neighboring countries require you to provide a letter to 13.
You can get information of major embassies on 14. of the student handbook. If you want to re-enter Eznia, you must get a multi-entry visa.

Some Miscellaneous General Advice

If you carry a lot of money, you need to complete a 15.
Remember to declare all your items, especially expensive items, on a 16.
You are advised to carry a health certificate. The one you need is the 17.

Notes For Students

If you wish to get a youth fare card, you should show your 18.
Due to the bureaucracy in Eznia, you are advised to take at least 19. passport photos with you.


Pounds and US dollars are not very useful now in Eznia, so you should take 20. or with you. Credit cards are not acceptable because of fraud scandals.

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