IELTS Listening Test 2 – Section 1

You are going to hear a conversation between a hotel receptionist and a customer who has come to make a booking.

An example has been done for you.

Before starting the IELTS Listening Test 2 – Section 1, take 30 seconds to look at questions 1-6.

When you have done that, start the recording and answer questions 1-6:


Question 1-6

Hotel Information

Example answer Name of accommodation: (0)Carlton Hotel
Length of stay: 3 nights
Ages of children: (1)
Rooms available: Two en-suites at £270
Price inclusive of: (2)
Payment method: credit card
Name: Michael (3)
Date of birth: (4)1968
Address: 273, Stanton Court, London.
Post code: (5)
Telephone: 08773 (6)

Now pause the recording. You have 30 seconds to look at questions 7-10.

Questions 7-10

Transport Options

Mode of Transport
Arrangements Travel time to town
Taxi Approximately (7) £ Pick up from the hotel 10 minutes
Bus £2 per person Walk down Oak Tree (8) 15 minutes
Walk through (9) (10)

How many questions did you get right in this listening test? Input it into the IELTS Score Calculator and see your IELTS listening band scores.

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