IELTS Listening Test 10 – Section 4


Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

The Urban Landscape

Two areas of focus:

  • the effect of vegetation on the urban climate
  • ways of planning our 31. better

Large-scale impact of trees:

  • they can make cities more or less 32.
  • in summer they can make cities cooler
  • they can make inland cities more 33.

Local impact of trees:

  • they can make local areas
    • more 34.
    • cooler
    • more humid
    • less windy
    • less 35.

Comparing trees and buildings

Temperature regulation:

  • trees evaporate water through their 36.
  • building surfaces may reach high temperatures

Wind force:

  • tall buildings cause more wind at 37. level
  • trees 38. the wind force


  • trees have a small effect on traffic noise
  • 39. frequency noise passes through trees

Important points to consider:

  • trees require a lot of sunlight, water and 40. to grow

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